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Text 5 line here

Text 1
Text 1 size
Text 1 color
Text 1 font. See previews here
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Text 2 size
Text 2 color
Text 2 font
Text 2 vertical offset
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Text 3 size
Text 3 color
Text 3 font
Text 3 vertical offset
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Text 4 size
Text 4,5,6,7 color
Text 4,5,6,7 font
Text 4 vertical offset
Text 6
Text 6 size
Text 6 vertical offset
Direct link to your background image file. Use our Background images catalog Link example: http://i.imgur.com/gbvfWBa.jpg
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  • Manual / News

    See video tutorial here. Steps:
    1. Change texts and press "Submit" button. All your changes are saved in URL. You can bookmark page with all your settings.

    2.Move texts as you want

    3. Make render. For Youtube Channel cover make 2 renders, first one is buggy (becouse of width 2560px)

    How to change the background. You can place direct link to any image, or go to our Images catalog, choose an image and copy its direct link. Then place it to right field.

    For transparent background, use this image.

    Any questions ask in our Facebook page please. Fonts preview see here.
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